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E-Commerce and Business Solutions

Among all the dedicated cart / e-commerce offerings out there Zen Cart is still one of the easier to manage (for the client) and full featured open source (free) packages. In the past couple years many new hosted solutions have surfaced that are very easy to use but come at a sometimes stiff monthly bill. Therefore it is important for both the client and the developers to have a good idea of the scope of the project so an appropriately scalable solution can be planned for then put in place.
Many of our clients start off either having a strong dislike for computers in general or being somewhat reticent to hop on the internet bandwagon. This is fine (although I will go to great lengths to convince you otherwise) as we can do everything from start to finish, from choosing the proper framework for your business, design, content (please, please try and have some content!), to press releases, copyrighting, newsletters, Search Engine Optimization/Marketing, back-links, traffic, paypal, merchant set-up, email, corporate email and productivity, intranets, 800 numbers, VOIP, Hosting, etc. If you need a new mouse or a new data center; a new desktop or 1000 workstations, we can offer solutions for just about any scenario.
Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce featuring a user-friendly, open
source shopping cart system. Some “solutions” seem to be complicated
programming exercises instead of responding to users’ needs, Zen Cart
puts the merchants and shoppers requirements first.
Designed with shoppers in mind.
A long list of features come with every installation:

  1. Unlimited category depth
  2. Multiple sales and discounts, multiple shipping options, multiple payment options
  3. Newsletter manager
  4. Discount coupons, gift certificates, featured products, quantity discounts
  5. Advanced attributes controller. Let’s shoppers choose sizes, colors, extras, etc.
  6. Bi-directional cross sell manager. Adds user management and extra
    functionality to cross selling module.
  7. CAPTCHA. Applies CAPTCHA challenge to user selectable parts of site
    to prevent robot spamming and email abuse. User configurable.
  8. Category Tree menu. Adds nice File Manager style catalog navigation.
  9. Layout grid. Allows products to be displayed in rows and columns
    (user configurable).
  10. Cross sell. Adds basic cross sell functionality to Zen Cart.
  11. Horizontal CSS menu. Powerful database driven dropdown menu. Can be
    styled with CSS.
  12. CSS buttons. Can use CSS to generate some or all of stores buttons
    instead of using button images.
  13. Gift Wrap option. Adds gift wrap options to each cart item. User
  14. Google Analytics. Code to interface with Google Analytics including
    new eCommerce tracking.
  15. Google Site map. Generates correctly formatted sitemaps of shop and
    products and sends them to Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  16. CSS over-rides for Internet explorer. Allows browser-specific
    stylesheets for all those little IE ‘work-arounds’
  17. Server-side image processing. Adds powerful dynamic image scaling,
    compression, caching and managment to ZC.
  18. Suppression to prevent browser alt and title tag popups
    from detracting from theshopper experience.
  19. LightBox Display. Eliminates image pop-ups which many browsers block anyway,
    and replaces with Javascript mini-gallery for display of large images
    and multiple product images.
  20. MySQL Backup and Restore. Admin control of database backup and
    restore. Good first line defense.
  21. Nifty Corners JavaScript adapted for Zen Cart. Allows
    dynamic rounding of many stylable elements without having to make graphics.
  22. Order Steps display trail. Shows bar-graph of where a customer is in
    checkout process.
  23. SEO URLS. Converts product urls into Google friendly names.
  24. SMS on sale. Sends text message to any cell phone (or other SMS
    device with email address) when sale is made.
  25. Testimonial manager. Kind of like eBay feedback. But nicer and
    controlled from admin console.