Wordpress with a static front page - Brittanicantiques.com

Well, it seems to me that Wordpress touted as a blogging platform is finally coming together as a possible CMS. Using various plugins that add CMS-like functionality, one can do pretty much anything with a little struggle. Now Wordpress is no Drupal, and I must say that or the Drupal fairies that live in my blog will be angered and things will go to pot.. Anyways More to come on the Wordpress plugins that I love in an upcoming post. In this case the site owner wanted to keep his static front page and use Wordpress with the wonderful Nextgen gallery to manage his inventory. http://www.brittanicantiques.com is the static page and http://www.brittanicantiques.com/wp/ is WP of course. Now if Nextgen would come up with a nice way to rewrite the image urls the world would be a better place!