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Way belated update to Drupal 6.19

Wow! It's been some time since my last post.. so many things have happened .. some even exciting... The update from Drupal 6.12 to 6.19 went without a hitch and tomorrow I guess I'll have a look at how Drupal 7 is coming and well as catching up on the projects since the gaming realm.


What is Happening of Late + WowWhores Free World of Warcraft private server

Update: This is all down..;)

I have been working on learning C++ through compiling and setting up a Free World of Warcraft Private Server. I have a compile going on my vista box as well as a compile in progress under Ubuntu 9.10. I am about to put the website up for the Test Server where people can play World of Warcraft for Free on WowWhores Free World of Warcraft private Server. Check that link if you are a WoW fan or into the private server development scene. We have some good testers and GM's to be but we are always looking for creative coders, mods, Quest and world developers, etc.. Anyway, I better get that website up before it gets indexed by this page.. chop chop! Oh, you can find us on the IRC or use the websites' IRC chat function to chat with other players on the website. IRC: Network: Channel: #wowwhores


The state of things

I am back on the internets!. I have a new location and my face is half frozen. A bit of dentistry, you know. I had to read my blog here to realize that I had changed this email over to google apps.. But I am back. I thank all the companies who offer outsourcing for contacting me. I will get in touch when I have some more clients..;) I think I am going to change this site from Drupal to Wordpress in the next weeks, not that it makes much of a difference, with an alexa of 2.5M no one is reading this anyway! So I'm back in business, websites and design will take the back seat to consulting on applying current and emerging technology to outdated business models. More on this tomorrow.


Things are happening elsewhere

Much of what I'm working on is elsewhere. is an aggregator of Augmented Reality and home automation info and videos. is another Drupal instance where I am fooling around with the Geo module and some other related modules. More info will be over there. A bunch more domains should be popping up soon with some funky new technology. Anyway, this site is on pause for a while so check or email me at if you are interested in working on some AR projects in progress.



Switching over from Godaddy email to Google Apps for email and more

So I just switched and some of the other email addresses over to google apps. I was unsure at first how to move a currently full email box and sent items but I came across a good quick run through here that got me sorted out quickly.
As to Google apps for small biz; they are very straightforward to use and pretty much force you to walk through the help/FAQ which is a good thing. Anyway we shall see how it goes with google apps for this domain. I am using it for and a growing amount of others as well,


A bunch of Drupal 6.xx updates and ..a link to a new Drupal directory.

Well.. it seems like stuff works.. comments are held for consent.. which I should change.. Akismet is giving an error on line 707 or smth.. Will tackle in the am.. So after all the other madness at i am not in any way prepared to fix anything here for at least a day or ... Anyway, a quick recip link to Drupal Directory .. Have a look..



My other blog. and other recent dabblings..

I have been a little lax on updating this site, mind you.. The update to Drupal 6.10 was no picnic.. I should mention my personal blog (I plan on collecting all the Craig Ryders out there with world domination in mind! (among other things))

A quick site for a Texas Coast Condo rental at . A nice place to get away from the stifling summer heat and enjoy the Gulf. .. a mostly terrible instance of PHPJobsite or something equally terrible.. my home hosted blog of sorts that I plan on selling home automation, security devices, and other nifty gadgets from eventually.. - A mock up for an online auction/antiques online inventory and social net site.

... more to come..


New website: Classical Antique Bronzes

For the past few months I have been working on Classical Antique Bronzes
It is another antiques related site with some incredible pieces that we have had the pleasure of working on. More to come..


Region free blu ray movies database

Blu-Ray movie releases are often locked to a specific region of the world by the studios. I list confirmed region-free Blu-Rays and others that are unknown or indicated as region A or region B. Films marked as region free can be played in any Blu-Ray player.


Drupal social networking and more

Should you happen by here maybe you should register on and fool around with the user groups and social networking bits that i have mashed into my project management and ticket system. It is a bit of a mess atm but it's a work in progress really.. most recently have been fiddling with adding feeds, things are still a little messy so feel free to lay some 411 on me..;)