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Well, most everything is redone on We are now using Wordpress as the backend and making final touches to the GFX.

Domain Upraiser: Scouring lists of deleted domain names

This is a site that i recently checked out. provides a script to check the age of domains that are coming up for renewal or deletion. The use of aged domains gives some credibility to a new market site. I bought the script and have been using it for a little while and have come up with some pretty cool old domains.. you will likely see them here soon..:)

Artworks by shannon site redone again..

Just finished setting up Wordpress for Shannon, well am still at it, but it's a lot prettier than the previous. Now that i'm somewhat of a WP guru, and am half in love with the ease of use for both the client and webmaster, I am now offering custom Wordpress hosting, Wordpress design and custom work. Check Shannons new site out..


Updating updating!

Currently working on getting and and I guess also sorted out into proper CMS's .. and I guess maybe do a bit of work on this one too now that the foul sickness has passed..:) This site will likely move to though, well something prettier..:)


By the way Meh-rry Xmas everyone

Happy holi-daze to all and to all a good...

Artworks by Shannon site up and running.

This is what I have been working at the last little while, Check it out at She is an excellent artist/illustrator!

The house is done!

So yeah, the house is done and looks pretty good.. If anyone is interested, the virtual tour is here

she's a good ol house.. Anyways back to work.. expect some content here soon..

The Horror!

Well, a few more days of painting and staging and I should be back working on the site. That is if I can still type when this reno stuff is done..:)

New business card finally complete

Well, making a new biz card took a little while to get done, its in for print now so I should get some feedback soon on how bad it is..:) Have a look and let me know..:)

Welcome to Compusure Solutions online presence!

Well, Drupal is in and a bunch of modules for eCommerce, forums, a main blog, catalog etc.. We shall see how things go over the next few days as I get some real content and services listed.. Anyways, welcome again to "CS .075"


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