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The state of things

I am back on the internets!. I have a new location and my face is half frozen. A bit of dentistry, you know. I had to read my blog here to realize that I had changed this email over to google apps.. But I am back. I thank all the companies who offer outsourcing for contacting me. I will get in touch when I have some more clients..;) I think I am going to change this site from Drupal to Wordpress in the next weeks, not that it makes much of a difference, with an alexa of 2.5M no one is reading this anyway!

Things are happening elsewhere

Much of what I'm working on is elsewhere. http://automatedhome.ca is an aggregator of Augmented Reality and home automation info and videos. http://compusure.org is another Drupal instance where I am fooling around with the Geo module and some other related modules. More info will be over there. A bunch more domains should be popping up soon with some funky new technology.

Switching over from Godaddy email to Google Apps for email and more

So I just switched info@compusuresolutions.com and some of the other email addresses over to google apps. I was unsure at first how to move a currently full email box and sent items but I came across a good quick run through here http://osdir.com/ml/GMailUsers/2009-08/msg00027.html that got me sorted out quickly.

A bunch of Drupal 6.xx updates and ..a link to a new Drupal directory.

Well.. it seems like stuff works.. comments are held for consent.. which I should change.. Akismet is giving an error on line 707 or smth.. Will tackle in the am.. So after all the other madness at compusure.org i am not in any way prepared to fix anything here for at least a day or ... Anyway, a quick recip link to Drupal Directory .. Have a look..


My other blog. Craigryder.com and other recent dabblings..

I have been a little lax on updating this site, mind you.. The update to Drupal 6.10 was no picnic.. I should mention my personal blog http://craigryder.com (I plan on collecting all the Craig Ryders out there with world domination in mind! (among other things))

A quick site for a Texas Coast Condo rental at http://texascoastrental.com . A nice place to get away from the stifling summer heat and enjoy the Gulf.

Drupal social networking and more

Should you happen by here maybe you should register on http://compusure.org and fool around with the user groups and social networking bits that i have mashed into my project management and ticket system. It is a bit of a mess atm but it's a work in progress really.. most recently have been fiddling with adding feeds, things are still a little messy so feel free to lay some 411 on me..;)

Wordpress with a static front page - Brittanicantiques.com

Well, it seems to me that Wordpress touted as a blogging platform is finally coming together as a possible CMS. Using various plugins that add CMS-like functionality, one can do pretty much anything with a little struggle. Now Wordpress is no Drupal, and I must say that or the Drupal fairies that live in my blog will be angered and things will go to pot.. Anyways More to come on the Wordpress plugins that I love in an upcoming post. In this case the site owner wanted to keep his static front page and use Wordpress with the wonderful Nextgen gallery to manage his inventory.


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